Saturday, February 26, 2011

My NOTD :)

Not the best pictures :( but, I thought I shared them anyway.... 
I had a very relaxing day.. :-) I'd plans to go out today but, decided to stay in instead, it was too cold outside burrrr! :/ so to enjoy my day better, I had to do my nails of course hahaha :)
As I looked through my stash of untried nail polishes(yeah, I have a few that I have not try yet... "a few"??well, I should say a bunch LOL :) I found this beautiful dark blue polish that I'd bought I couple of months ago at ROSS. awwwhh! what can I say about it.. It took me double the time I usually take when using other kind of nail polishes. Not sure why. The brush didn't help at all. The polish was super pigmented, this was the messiest nail polish application I've ever done!... pheewww! I thought I wasn't going to make it but, I did! lol:) The color turned out to be a beautiful dark, dark blue(I applied two coats)... so dark that it looked like black at times.. then, of course I had to add some life to them lol :) I added flowers/leaves and some glitter. It turned out nicer than I thought; I love them :). Unfortunately, the camera that I now owned, didn't do the colors its justice. Ohhhhh how much I miss my beautiful pink camera, that my son lost :(  Anywho, hope you all are having a great weekend ! stay warm! Blessings :)

These are the things I used.